Goal 17 helps organizations operationalize their sustainability management strategy through the creation and deployment of a tailored Sustainability Management System (SMS).

An SMeS is a framework designed to help organisations manage their environmental, social, and economic impacts in a holistic and systematic way. An SMS encompasses trained and motivated people, defined and managed processes, selected and deployed technology, and designed and implemented tools needed to deliver sustainable progress. Structured to ensure policy, governance, planning, and reporting are baked into day-to-day activities, becoming a natural part of doing business.

Our solutions architecture services help you choose the best mix of software, tools, services, and automations to optimize reporting and ways of working. Our policy, compliance and awareness service will help ensure your you know what to do, when and why ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards for your region.

Meanwhile, our change management services draw on lean, agile, and design thinking techniques to help your teams become self-organizing and adopt a continuous improvement mindset, so that sustainability best practices become embedded in your organization.

We recognize that achieving sustainability goals requires an iterative approach to transformation, allowing for a balance between value realization, minimizing negative impacts, while maximising positive contributions to the environment and society, so that you can achieve your sustainability goals, operate sustainably, and drive profit.

Our services are geared towards guiding and supporting our clients on their sustainability journey and developing their Sustainability Management eco-System.

Digital Sustainability Accelerator

The intersection of digital advancement and sustainability has never been more critical. As a society we are increasingly dependent on digital services, yet less unchecked, this shall have a profound effect on the planet. Read about our Digital Sustainability offering to help you innovate in a sustainable fashion.

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ServiceNow Consulting Services

Goal 17 offers comprehensive ServiceNow ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), IRM (Integrated Risk Management), and SPM (Sustainable Portfolio Management) consulting services. Our expertise lies in

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ESG Reporting

What are ESG reports? In a sustainability report, a company provides insight into its strategy and policy on sustainability, how it implements it and how

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