ServiceNow is a leading cloud-based platform that helps businesses streamline their IT, employee, and customer workflows, driving digital transformation across the organization. Goal 17 is a ServiceNow partner implementing ServiceNow Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Integrated Risk Management (IRM), and Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) applications. Using these applications we can enable companies to navigate and manage their sustainability programmes and initiatives, risk & compliance, and ESG reporting requirements effectively.

ServiceNow ESG application empowers organizations to track, report, and improve their ESG performance, addressing critical sustainability and social impact objectives. This application helps organizations identify gaps and opportunities in their ESG initiatives, ensuring a comprehensive approach to sustainable development.

The IRM application in ServiceNow provides an integrated framework for identifying, assessing, and managing risks across the organization. This solution enables companies to maintain a holistic view of their risk landscape, ensuring compliance with regulations and enhancing their decision-making processes.

ServiceNow’s SPM application supports organizations in managing their strategic initiatives, projects, and resources in a cohesive manner. With this application, companies can align their investments with strategic objectives, track project progress, and optimize resource allocation to drive growth and achieve their goals.

In summary, ServiceNow, through its ESG, IRM, and SPM applications, enables organizations to embark on a sustainable and strategic path, ensuring compliance, mitigating risks, and driving overall business success.