Global Reporting Initiative

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What is Global Reporting Initiative?

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is an independent, international standard-setting organisation that helps companies, governments and other organisations take responsibility for, and clearly communicate their impact on the world.

GRI provides the world’s most widely used standards for sustainability reporting covering topics ranging from biodiversity to taxation, waste to emissions, diversity and equality to health and safety. The standards help organisations measure and track data from all ESG aspects and are one of the most widely used standards in the field of sustainability.

Who uses the GRI standards?

Any organisation – regardless of size, sector or public or private status – can use the GRI standards. Companies can use the disclosures to evaluate and guide their strategy, decision-making and objectives related to their sustainability efforts and ESG agenda. GRI’s disclosures are also a valuable source of information for investors to assess a company’s sustainability performance, identify risks and evaluate its long-term growth potential.

Why is it important?

The GRI standards helps to make abstract issues concrete and set clear goals to measure performance and manage change. It creates an atmosphere of accountability and improves relations with shareholders, investors, customers, employees, suppliers, etc.

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