Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directory (CSRD)

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directory

What is the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directory (CSRD)?

The CSRD requires large and/or listed companies to publish regular reports on the social and environmental risk they face and on how their activities impact the rights of people and the environment.

To whom does the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directory (CSRD) apply?

The CSRD applies to all organisations in the EU that meet two of the three following conditions:

  • More than 250 FTE employed
  • More than €50 million turnover per year
  • More than €25 million balance sheet total

Organisations meeting the requirements from 2024 onwards must deliver a sustainability report for 2023. The final timeline is likely to be pushed back slightly to 2025. Click here for a detailed article on the CSRD.

Organisations outside the EU with a turnover of more than €150 million in the EU market and with at least one subsidiary or branch in the EU exceeding the above thresholds are also subject to the CSRD legislation.

Why is it important?

If your organisation meets 2 of the above criteria, bear in mind that you will have to deliver a sustainability report for the year 2024! However, before you can report, you will first have to think about what you will report on. To support this CSRD starts with the preparation of a ‘materiality assessment’, setting sustainability targets and establishing KPIs.

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