Sustainability Capability Assessment

Understanding what the capabilities are you need to nurture or develop to support your sustainability journey is crucial in getting started and showing progress. Long-term, sustainable thinking requires many business functions to get aligned and cooperate on a new topic which can be a daunting thought. Using our Sustainability Capability Model we can gage the ‘level of sustainability maturity’ of business functions like Strategy, Stakeholder Management, Policy Management, Supply Chain Management, Product Management, Support, etc.

Existing processes need to incorporate sustainability actions and metrics, like environmental risk into project management, human rights into vendor management, diversity into hiring management, and ESG disclosures into corporate reporting. And new activities need to be positioned and developed, like green house gas emission measurement, environmental and social certifications, and fair operating practices.

Our Sustainability Capability Assessments presents you with a picture of the current state of your business regarding environmental, social, and governance capabilities helping you to understand which processes need attention or development.